Monday, April 9, 2007

FFP to talk about Graffitecture at the Renaissance Society.

Katharina Grosse at The Renaissance Society
The Renaissance Society at The University of Chicago
Saturday, May 19th at 2:00 p.m.

Front Forty Press:
Doug Fogelson
Dan De Los Monteros
David Castillo

on Graffitecture: Chicago Graffiti Artists Attack Photographic Spaces

Describing their process as one of "blind collaboration," Front Forty Press recently invited a host of Chicago graffiti artists to work on top of photographs of architectural interiors and exteriors. The result is a very handsome, straightforward publication entitled Graffitecture: Chicago Graffiti Artists Attack Photographic Spaces. Featuring a range of styles and approaches, Graffitecture is at once a thoughtful, expressive and aggressive project that gives pause to the relationship between graffiti and architecture as it is mediated through photography. Please join us for a discussion with Front Forty as they discuss the development of this project. This event is FREE and will take place in Cobb Hall Room 307, directly below the gallery.

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