Friday, August 22, 2008

up for a design challenge?

Threadless loves Drawing,

Front Forty loves Drawing,

Who do you love?

Some of the best designs begin as a simple hand-drawn sketch. It's incredible how random drawings in sketchbooks, on coffee table napkins, or doodled across sticky notes become sweet pieces of art once fleshed out onscreen. Your challenge is to create an amazing tee based on an original drawing. Feel free to explain your process with the submission or take some photos showing how you've created the design. If your design wows the community, it could be your ticket to a wealth of goodies, including a new Wacom Cintiq tablet and a full set of Front Forty Press book’s and CD’s!

Check out the challenge. It starts Aug. 15th and goes thru Sept. 15th, 2008.

Other sponsors include Wacom, Utrecht, Print magazine, and of course Threadless- all providing great prizes and cash to the winners.

Stay tuned- we will blog again when the challenge is over to see the results!
Thanks, hope to see you soon.