Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Communication Arts Design Annual 2011- We are in!

Yessir. We are getting props from the industry and it feels gooooood:

We are in the winner's circle for Front Forty Profiles Series No. 1 Mark McGinnis.

Actual printed issues are in circulation now or view online.


Book Party in L.A.


Saturday, September 17, 6:30 - 8:00 pm at the gallery

Please join us for the book release of a profile on Sean Duffy, published by Front Forty Press, Chicago, with an essay by Doug Harvey and an interview by Veronica Fernandez.

6006 Washington Boulevard, Culver City, California 90232 phone 310.837-2117

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Profile No. 2 SEAN DUFFY is ready!

After a year or so in the making, our second edition of the Front Forty Profiles Series is now ready for YOU!

No. 2 features Sean Duffy, a sculptor and installation artist based in Los Angeles. Duffy's work is accompanied by a nice essay written by Doug Harvey who is a writer/critic as well as curator/artist also based in L.A. The book also features a solid "Q&A" between Sean and Veronica Fernandez of Fine Art Advising Services (of L.A. too).

Duffy's work is an interesting mix of high art and American consumer culture as personified by genre specific magazines and records, cars, furniture, graphics, and the like. He conflates ideas of "high" and "low" while skewing our preconceptions. Of particular interest are his repainting projects where he takes objects and painstakingly repaints them exactly the same as they were- for instance painting the tires black and metal silver on the tires and metal of a motorcycle. Duffy is famous for his array of turntables that have been modified with additional tonearms. He uses sound, light, appropriation, screen printing, whatever it takes, to make work that pushes viewers into a new contemplation of something we usually recognize as familiar.

The book has a full color insert of a special "Sean Duffy and the Front Forty Press" album cover created just for the profile. Book collectors also get a link to a page on our F40 site that has video of Duffy's turntables and more to hear in real time the sound of the many tonearms playing albums.

Come see for yourself:

Tell your friends! Support the arts and collect this book today!

Friday, February 18, 2011


Come see what we are offering as package deals:

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It's a unique gift for art, design, culture and print enthusiasts. Here's the deal:

The Front Forty Press catalog offers a diverse mix of limited edition, independently-produced, award-winning books that feature sharp ideas on contemporary issues. Each publication is the result of meaningful collaboration between artists, designers and writers on a local to global scale.

Front Forty Press book packages are currently available in three separate sizes: Small, Medium and Large. All are priced at a package-only discount and include either one or two surprise print or audio gifts from the Front Forty Press catalog.

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Front Forty Profile No. 2 is nearing completion!

Hey Blog-O-Sphere,
We have been putting the finishing touches on the next profile in our series and it is going to be a hot one. The premiere issue garnered some good attention, the next one builds on that and amplifies it- literally. Sean Duffy is the focus of No. 2 and he is a sculptor who uses many talents to bring his work to the public. Lest I say too much (we want you to buy the book both to read and see) so let me just give this link and tell you that the essay is by the esteemed writer Doug Harvey and the Q&A is by the amazing Veronica Fernandez. See Sean Duffy's work here on the website of his gallery in Los Angeles:

Also included with the purchase of the book you will be able to log in to our site and hear some of the sounds his sculptures make!

This profile is a love letter to the L.A. between the artist, essay, interview, and the loving design by Caitlin Bauler and F40 team. Look for it to hit in late Spring.

Best wishes,
Doug Fogelson

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Creative Quarterly 21

Creative Quarterly: The Journal for Art & Design selected the first issue of the Front Forty Profiles Series to be featured in the New Talent: Graphic Design section of Issue 21. It's a great independent magazine with inspiring work and interviews. See the current issue online or purchase in stores.