Friday, April 2, 2010

Green Dynamite at The Op-Shop

Front Forty is excited to participate in General Economy, Exquisite Exchange (GEEE) from Cream Co. (Chicago) as part of Adhocity at the new alternative art space, the Op Shop in Hyde Park. GEEE is a seasonal garden store grounded in the non-commercial, slow-profit exchange systems of neighbors.

For the month of April, GEEE has all sorts of green things for sale or trade, including: FFP's Green Dynamite (tubes of plant seeds native to the Chicago region) as well as vegetable seeds (tomatoes, basil and lettuce), seedlings, April plants, houseplants, a mound of compost, gardening books, handcrafted tomato trellises and lettuce tables, vases and the like.

Cream Co. says feel free to bring any seeds or seedlings you’d like to share, or a favorite recipe, or a houseplant or garden pot, you'd like to trade, donate or sell. Details below:

Come One, Come All, and Come Again!
Op Shop: Adhocity
1530 E. 53rd St. (the former Hollywood video store at 53rd and Lake Park)
Hyde Park
Chicago, Illinois
Opening Reception: March 27th 5-9 p.m.