Monday, November 29, 2010

Mark McGinnis at Post 27


Thursday, December 2, 2010
6:00-10:00 PM

1819 W Grand Avenue
(312) 829-6122

Mark McGinnis, the first artist to be featured in the Front Forty Profiles Series, is showing a rather cheeky series of handsome silk-screened prints Death Drugs and Hot Dogs: A Contemptuous Lexicon of Popular Culture at Post 27 in Chicago.

E if for Embryo, D is for Drive by, G is for Gimp, M is for Merkin... come find the letter that's speaks to you!

You can take a sneak peek of McGinnis' alphabet at!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Chicago Book Clinic Awards 2010!

Founded in the 1936, The Chicago Book Clinic encourages excellence in publishing. The purpose of the Chicago Book Clinic is to promote the highest standard of craftmanship in bookmaking and publishing and to promote understanding and cooperation among all the professions and trades concerned with the publishing industry.

Front Forty Press received the Crystal Book Award of Excellence for the publication of The Time After (designed by Tim Hartford) in the Special Trade Division (Pictorial) at the Chicago Book Clinic's 59th Annual Book and Media Show. The award is presented for excellence in cover and interior book design. One of two Honorable Mentions went to Front Forty Profiles Series No. 1: Mark McGinnis. We are very excited to be honored this year!