Friday, April 18, 2008

UVC Preview of The Hole: Consumer Culture

The Urban Voice in Comics magazine featured Front Forty Press' newest title The Hole: Consumer Culture in it's 2008 Preview Collection edition. Here's what they said:

Imagine waking up one day with a mouth on your stomach, and what it's saying is eating you alive? Welcome to the terrifying nightmare of a man named Curtis and a woman named Trina. lost in Eye Trauma Comix's THE HOLE.

THE HOLE: Consumer Culture, pt.1 "Open" is the first book of a two-part postmodern horror science-fiction satire about race and purchase power by artist/illustrator John Jennings and writer/letterer Damien Duffy, two comic virtuosos who have lectured extensively on international comics, art and philosophy, and visual literacy, popular culture and visual communication in hip-hop respectively.

The issue focuses on the clash between two voodoo spirits: White Peter, a newly created loa of capitalization, and Papa Legba, the loa of the crossroads, who is said to carry the fate of the world in a bag. It used to be a straw sack, now it's turned into a shopping bag. Welcome to the 21st century. The battleground is the Hypervoodoo network - mass media selling religion, will wonders never cease? To fight the new Legba makes something new, opening The Hole. And it bites. Enter Curtis and Trina - neither of them likes what their extra mouths have to say: something and something else about people for sale.

THE HOLE: Consumer Culture v. 1 "Open" will be out in early 2008 from Front Forty Press, appearing in the Spring 2008 catalog of University of Chicago Press. For more information, visit

So, what's eating you....

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